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Geowater Systems is a long proven and respected supplier of ground water and surface water field instrumentation. We supply water quality analysers, water level instruments, sampling equipment, logging systems and many advanced and new technological solutions to mines and consultants.
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New Feature


At last!
A good quality multi-parameter probe at a reasonable price!

We are pleased to announce the sales release of a UK designed and manufactured multi-parameter probe that is reasonably priced.

The Aquaread system include the following sensors – temperature, pH, TDS, Salinity, ORP (Redox), dissolved oxygen and turbidity. It allows you to choose a number of different sensor configurations – you leave our the sensors you do not want.


The hand held display unit allows you to store up to 1000 readings in the field and incorporates GPS.  Downloading of stored data can be to Excel, Google Earth or Google Maps.

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