Over the past 30 years, Geowater has supplied clients all over Sub-Saharan Africa with top-quality soil and water monitoring equipment

These quality instruments are used in the following areas:

  • Measuring and monitoring water levels in wells or bodies of surface water.
  • Taking accurate samples of groundwater and surface water.
  • Measuring water quality parameters down-the-well or in open water.
  • Taking soil samples and measuring various soil properties and parameters.

We are the sole agents in South Africa for several reputable international manufacturers of high-quality equipment, including:

  • Solinst – we supply their full product range, which includes water level meters, leveloggers, bailers and sampling pumps.
  • Global Water – water sampling systems and water parameter transducers.
  • Eureka – high-quality multi-parameter water probes and sensors.
  • Eijkelkamp – offers an extremely wide and diverse range of soil instruments that we supply.
  • ENO Scientific - sonic meters for measurement and monitoring of groundwater levels.
  • AquaBailers – disposable bailers for sampling.
  • Waterra Pumps – inertial pumps (tubing with foot valves).

Other manufacturers we represent and whose products we supply:

  • Extech – pocket meters and kits for measuring a wide range of water parameters.
  • Aquaread - high-quality multi-parameter water probes and sensors.
  • SiteLAB – Portable Hydrocarbon analysers that enable one to test in the field and save the costs of sending samples to a laboratory.
  • EON – Hydrasleeves and Passive Diffusion Bailers (PDB).
  • Proactive Environmental Products - plastic and stainless steel purging and sampling pumps.

We provide our customers with rapid and cost-effective support for the equipment by performing troubleshooting and repairs as necessary or requested by the client.