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This user guide provides a quick and easy way to find the right tools for the job. Our product recommender shows you products based on the application you select. Should you want soil, surface water or groundwater instruments, the product recommender will recommend products related to each category, ensuring that you find the right product quickly and easily.

For Soil, I want to:

Take a soil sample.

We supply a large selection of augers and auger sets from Eijkelkamp. They come in single (standalone) augers with the handle permanently attached to the auger bottom, or combination augers where the auger bottom is separate and it can be fitted to a handle with a bayonet or conical screw threaded coupling.

One can also include 0.5m and/or 1m length handle extension pieces to make the handle longer. Different auger bottoms can be fitted to a single handle, thus offering cost savings. One has to pick the auger most suitable for the type of soil it will be used in, sand, clay, stony soil, etc. Diameters of augers are typically 5-10cm.


Augering in clay or soil with some clay in it

Edelman auger – clay type or combination clay/soil type

Augering in sand or coarse sand

Edelman auger – sand type or coarse sand type

Augering in hard, stiff soil mixed with gravel

Riverside auger

Augering in stony soil

Auger for stony soil

Augering in soft soil

Soft soil auger

Need to penetrate hard layers in the soil

Spiral auger


We supply a variety of auger sets from Eijkelkamp. Select the one most suited to your application.

Sampling in peat

Peat sampler set

Augering different soil types

Standard auger set for heterogeneous soils Ergonomical auger set for heterogeneous soils

Taking undisturbed soil samples in various soils and at different depths

Sample ring kit Bailer boring auger set

Sampling soil where volatile materials may me present

Soil coring kit for chemical research


Eijkelkamp has a large variety of augers and auger sets – click here for their website.

Take a sediment sample, including from the bottom of a dam or river.


Taking an undisturbed sample from submerged soil

Sediment core sampler, type Beeker

Sampling in moderately cohesive soil layers below the groundwater level to a depth of 5 m

Piston sampler set

Taking disturbed samples from the bottom of lakes, rivers, etc.

Van Veen grab sampler
Measure soil hardness.


Measuring penetration resistance of top layers (to 5mm)

Pocket Penetrometer

Measuring soil hardness down to 1m or 3m

Hand Penetrometers

Measuring and recording penetration resistance and moisture down to 80cm

Penetrologger with GPS and soil moisture sensor
Measure the rate of infiltration of water into soil.


Measuring hydraulic properties of unsaturated soil

Tension infiltrometer set

Measuring the rate of infiltration of water into soil

Double ring infiltrometer set


Measure the moisture content of soil.


Measuring soil moisture

SM150 soil moisture set Thetaprobe soil moisture set

Measuring moisture profile down to 1m deep

Soil moisture profile probes

Long term monitoring of soil moisture

Hydraprobe Hydraprobe Bluetooth datalogger


Measure soil water tension.
Measure soil permeability.
Measure Electric Conductivity (EC) and/or pH of soil.


Measuring soil EC down to 110cm

EC probe for soil conductivity measurements

Measuring soil pH and/or EC

Soil EC – pH meter


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